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John Clark Gable

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Clark Gable and Levi Jeans on the ranch.



Clark Gable and Rolex
Clark Gable wearing Lucchese Boots
Clark Gable and Rolls Royce
Clark Gables and his love for animals
Clark Gable with his favorite pipe
Gay Langland dresses like the prototypical cowboy in his weather-beaten hat and boots, snap-front shirts, and Lee Westerner jacket and pants, but—unlike some Hollywood gents—the grizzled Clark Gable easily sells us on the role. The King of Hollywood may have risen to stardom during the presumed “golden age” when the best-dressed actors typically took to the screen in elegantly cut three-piece suits, but Gable was among the few who could convincingly wear an immaculately tailored worsted suit with a fedora and oxfords in one movie and Western denim with a cattleman’s hat and Lucchese boots in the next.
 Clark Gable and Lucchese Boots
Lucchese Boots, Clark Gables’ favorite. From on the ranch to movie sets.