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John Clark Gable

Mr. & Mrs. John Clark Gable

About Me

Born: March 20, 1961, Los Angeles
The only son of William Clark Gable, “King of Hollywood.”

John Clark Gable married Debra Crosier Hartsell on September 5, 2020. The couple resides in Santa Barbara, CA, and Malibu, CA.

Professional Racer and Entrepreneur

Son of ®Clark Gable and Kathleen William Spreckles Gable

Married to Debra Hartsell Gable

Sister: Joan Spreckels. Brother: Bunker Spreckles – American surfer and an early pioneer of a surfboard design.

Children: No living Children or Grandchildren.

John Clark Gable is two time champion for Lucas Oil off-road racing series PRO Open and has compassion for desert racing.

John Clark Gable is the owner of ®Clark Gable Enterprises/President/Founder.