Kayley Gable Yarro Benavidez

Benjamin Benavidez, husband of Kayley Yarro Gable Benavidez.

Keep the peace’ call leads to major marijuana lab bust.

Kayley Gable Yarro Benavidez AKA Kayley Gable

https://www.hjnews.com/allaccess/keep-the-peace-call-leads-to-major-marijuana-lab-bust/article_4bfcd0b9-8aa4-53d2-8b9c-701ca3cd4a82.htmlBenjamin Benavidez
Kayley Gable Yarro Benavidez

What a terrible crime to have children , in a criminal environment. The home vents, duct taped from the smell of a meth lab in the basement. Honestly, I’ve always felt sorry for her, and her children, all of which are named, “Clark Gable”, states Debra Gable, John Gable’s wife. She describes herself as an actress and the grandchild of Clark Gable. She placed a video on YouTube from a drug abuse center talking about the reason she is a drug addict is because of her celebrity family. She never grew up in a celebrity family, states John Gable. Her Mother, Tracy Yarro described her marriage ended because of drug abuse. The marriage ended because she had an open marriage, and often left Kayley for days at a time. She is a gold digger, states John Gable. She dated many of my friends with large Trusts only to end with short term relationships or over night affairs. No one really wanted the hair dresser from a cult family. I came home one day, and of of my family items stolen from her as she moved out. There was a prenuptial agreement between us. I’ve never been more happy to never see either one of them again. Tracey Yarro later married Jason Scheff who was terminated from the band Chicago for alcoholism, but he’s a pretty good guy, and sober of many years states Tracy Yarro in a paid interview with daily Mail. She’s evil, destructive and needs professional psychological help.